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This blog page is just a collection of thoughts and musings of an old country doctor of Chinese medicine. Don't be surprised if you find yourself reading about medicine one month and cooking, or something else totally unrelated the next.

By Steve Collins, DOM, May 23 2017 03:59PM

Before I moved back to Florida to practice, I worked for Club Med as medical staff. I was posted at Columbus Isle in the Bahamas where I practiced both Western and Chinese medicine.

One morning, about 10:30, a woman entered the infirmary covered in hives. Earlier she ate something that she was having an allergic reaction to. I told her that I could give her a Benadryl or treat her with acupuncture. She opted for the acupuncture because I said that it would have immediate results without side effects. In addition, Benadryl and alcohol don't mix, and she was partying in an all-inclusive resort.

Before I needled her, I told her that the rash will get worse for a few minutes as it vented her body. She understood and allowed me to place four tiny needles in her, two in her wrists and two in her feet.

Within minutes, the rash flared and she began to itch profusely. Although it was close to unbearable, she withstood it for just a few more moments before the rash and itching began to subside.

Within 20 minutes, she was clear of the rash. She had no itching and no other symptoms. I saw her at dinner that evening and she introduced me to her friends and family, showing me off as "the magical doctor who cured her with acupuncture!"

Just another example of the power of the needles. Chinese medicine can treat so much more than pain...