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Dr. Collins believes that greater results can be achieved with fewer needles. Many times he can treat a complaint with as few as six needles. It isn't uncommon for him to successfully treat a patient with just one needle.

Tui Na

Dr. Collins has pioneered a new form of Tui Na that he teaches across the country. In his words, "healing shouldn't be painful".


Dr. Collins uses glass cups in the traditional "twinkling cupping" manner to achieve extraordinary results.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Within ten bi-weekly sessions, Dr. Collins achieves noticable results not only doing acupuncture facelifts, but he is also one of the very few practitioners in the country who does acupuncture breast lifts.

Smoking Cessation

Six treatments and you're done.



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Private appointments and consultations

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Dr. Collins has been invited to present at the Health and Wellness Conference in Minneapolis in March of 2018! This is a national conference for professionals in the field of complementary medicine. He will be offering two presentations. More information as it becomes available.