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Steven Collins has presented nationally and is regarded as a dynamic and engaging speaker. He is available to present seminars and workshops on many subjects related to Chinese medicine. Some of these topics include:

  • Dynamic Tui Na

  • Advanced Needling Theory and Practice

  • Enhanced Communication Skills to Build Rapport

  • How To Use Fewer Points to Get Better Results


For more information, contact Dr. Collins at

[email protected].

Did you know...?

Since 2010 the World Health Organization has not supported the use of alcohol to swab before an injection. Although many practitioners still adhere to this outdated practice, it is no longer necessary or required.

However, the injection site should be clean. Soap and water or a commercial cleansing prep is suggested to clean the injection site. Of course, handwashing is still the single most successful method of controlling germ transmission.


Upcoming Seminars & Events

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