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Dr. Steven Collins, DOM


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"Steve is a rare healer, teacher and advocate, as well as, an accomplished medical practitioner that embodies his beliefs in not only Oriental medicine, but in providing respectful affirmation to the whole person. His honest and abundant nurturing nature we believe is felt by our child, who due to the walls of autism has difficulty in being touched or to sit still or even to communicate. Yet Steve can treat Ben with ease and compassion."

"Doctor Collins treated me for about 3 to 4 four months three times a week and healed me from the neck pain and shoulder. I haven’t had the chronic pain since I was able to restore to living a normal life. If you are unsure of trying Oriental Medicine as a way to treating pain or other health issue, give yourself a break and treat yourself to a healthier way of healing."

"I like that you were upfront with me and told me how many times you thought would be reasonable to give the dizziness and didn't lead me on for your benefit as so many in the health industry do. I would recommend you to anyone."

"I have been a patient now for a year. I feel younger at 33 then I did at 16. I have more energy and I also feel refreshed due to the impeccable care of Dr. Collins. I am extremely grateful that he has been brought into my life. My husband, parents and daughter have noticed a huge change in me. Without his care, my life would have been unbearable. I will forever be indebted to Dr. Collins for changing my life."